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Project Make-Believe is a non-profit organization launched in 2016 with the mission of helping people incorporate the wisdom of improvisational theater into their entire lives in a safe, accepting, and fun environment.

Carrie Profile for PMB
Carrie Koch, Executive Director of Project Make-Believe.

When Carrie discovered improvisation as a professional development opportunity, she struggled with many of the facets the art form that came more easily to her extroverted peers. Her struggles compelled her to delve deeper into the theatrical art form, taking classes and workshops, reading books, and attending many, many shows all around the United States. She studied short-form and long-form improvisation and discovered so much about herself.

Carrie is a multiple-trauma survivor and has anxiety, complex PTSD, and major depressive disorder. The tools she learned in improvisation helped her participate more fully in her life–no longer held back by her many fears. As she incorporated the wisdom of improvisation into her every-day life, she saw improvements in relationships, in her career, and in her own confidence.

She designed a class that fuses the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with the wisdom she found on stage in improvisational theater to help people like her–introverts, trauma survivors, people who feel stuck in life–to re-learn how to play and tap into their creative resources. Her classes are not performance oriented, but instead focused on honing the tools of improvisation in a safe and fun environment.